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Where’s the BIG idea in your communications?

It’s disappointing that there is such a high percentage of brand communications that simply don’t have a good idea. That’s shareholders money, bonuses for employees and funds for research and development going down the drain. Marchitects make sure that every … Continue reading

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Don’t Apply for Jobs on Monday Morning

When is the worst time to send your application in for a job? Monday morning – or at least that’s what Belgian search site says. The main reason why it’s a bad time to send it in is because … Continue reading

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5 Keys to Positioning Pharmaceutical Products

With increasing regulation and restrictions on communications for pharmaceutical companies, there has never been a greater need than in the current global and local market environments to make sure your brands are competitive. Ironically, however, it looks like companies are … Continue reading

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Modern Marketing Practices

Dr Brian Monger the CEO of the MARKEting Association of ANZ posed this question: Often “Marketing” is associated only with consumer marketing tactics – especially Advertising; and other forms of Promotion and Low Pricing. How do we teach others about … Continue reading

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Brand Commitment at KLM – appears to be ‘refreshingly genuine’

It’s very easy to be cynical when a major organization announces a rebranding exercise. It appears in one case, that KLM who announced their rebranding in2008 are true believers in the power of their brand and are continue to invest … Continue reading

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Is social media killing your career brand?

There is a new dynamic in the marketing world and it’s called social media. We bombarded on a daily basis with new social technologies, applications and platforms. Just as you start to feel you are getting to grips with one … Continue reading

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Free Webinar: Best practices for targeting your most valuable customers

Free Live Webinar: Identifying and targeting the bull’s eye customer – LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE: Apply early to secure your seat Join us for a Webinar on January 27 Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: If you … Continue reading

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Are your communications working hard enough for you?

Why is it that so many communications investments fail to deliver? We find that often it’s because the foundations for the communications are weak, using the same sort of trite category characterizations that create a world of sameness instead of … Continue reading

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A Proposed Code of Conduct for Marketing in 2011

Rather than proposing New Year’s Resolutions for marketers I propose designing a 2011 operational code of conduct for brand leaders. If we can all aspire to and achieve more of these behaviors we will be more successful in delivering imaginative … Continue reading

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