About the Marchitect

Unlocking the value of Leading Brands

I am a Marchitect – I help design, build and grow leading brands.

I believe that every marketer can and should become a Marchitect.

My work as a global marketing consultant and coach, which covers global brand strategy, growth and innovation programs is driven by a desire to help clients to get the results they want – leading global brands (which are, wherever possible, sustainable), increased personal performance more happiness at work. I work with clients who want to unlock the value of their global marketing, increase their speed to market and improve the efficiency of marketing across their organizations.

Collaborating together, we have achieved excellent results for businesses of different sizes, in various industries, including consumer goods, food, retail, not-for-profit, telecommunications, health care, and communication agencies.

During the past 7 years of practice a valuable toolbox of process and coaching methods has been accumulated that deliver tangible sustainable benefits to clients.

In addition more detailed foundations of business knowledge have come from being a highly qualified marketing professional with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (specialized in Marketing).

With 20-years experience clients and assignments cover cross-cultural, global and regional teams and projects internationally in countries, like Mexico, Australasia, India and across the whole of Western & Eastern Europe. These challenging experiences have made me masterful in asking questions and deep listening. It has also required learning the ability to quickly to cultural change so that collaboration can develop shared visions for a positive future.

I am fluent in English and Ivrit and also work in Dutch.

When not working or spending time with family and friends, I enjoy outdoor sports and activities like Power Walking and bushwalking and cycling. I also strives to follow one of his biggest passions as often as possible – traveling to discover the best the world has to offer.

Here’s my manifesto:

I take on consulting assignments that result in direct contributions to my client’s profitability as measured by quarterly results.

I design and implement workshops that result in demonstrable behavior changes on the job, as determined by direct feedback from colleagues and partners.

I work collaboratively with clients so that responsibility is shared, skills are transferred to the client and capabilities built so that dependence on external input is gradually reduced to the point where I can step out and totally disengage.

For more details, please contact me at richard@themarchitect.com


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