Here’s just a few of the things that other people say about me:

Albert M, Practice Manager [Large Dutch Law Practice]:

“Richard is a easy-to-go marketing consultant. As an ex-lawyer he understands the business of law firms and can help you out with respect to marketing operations and tactics. He is pragmatic and has a good understanding of marketing principles. As a person, Richard is an aimiable and always inquisitive person in a positive way. I’ve hired Richard a number of times and results were always positive. He is very cooperative and also likes to work in a team. He certainly isn’t an ” einzelganger”.”

Jonathan Salem Baskin – writer, strategist and author:

“Richard is a strategist who combines a unique set of abilities: he can set out goals that are quite visionary, and then roll up his sleeves and collaborate with the team on taking steps (small or large) toward reaching them. I worked for him as a brand and marketing consultant, and it was a pleasure to serve as a member of his team. He was a smart businessman operating in a work environment wherein his mandate was simply enormous; yet I found his approach to be consistently smart, empowering to the people around him, focused on the business and all of its nuances, and always infused with his goodwill and, at just the right times, his great sense of humor.”

Mark Sims – Entrepreneur

“Richard displays strong and high level analytical abilities, he is a quick leaner and intuitive. Operating in a multi function; multi cultural environment comes naturally to him. Richard is highly capable of handling a mass of information from disparate sources and reaching practical business solutions. He is people oriented and displays good organization management abilities”

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