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SPX Webinar Series: Webinar #6

“What’s Happened to Marketing By Objectives?”

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @ 11:30am Central Standard Time (CST)
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Richard Kohn


As management and marketers engage in social media there has been an increase in brand content. The strategic challenge has become developing and disseminating content that is relevant, consistent with the brand positioning strategy and meaningful. Unfortunately, and increasing volume of content is just that, content for content’s sake.

Far too many ‘strategic’ marketing plans are failing to deliver on corporate business growth targets. Why? Because these plans have become tactical, short-term operational documents inconsistent with and not tied to absent clear marketing objectives.  This webinar will explain where marketing objectives sit within the marketing planning process, the key marketing objectives that should be the foundation upon which tactical operational plans developed and provide some practical tips on how to develop powerful marketing objectives.

At the end of the webinar you will understand what drives leading brands and companies to deliver more from their strategic marketing plans.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why are marketing objectives so important?
  • Where do marketing objectives sit in the strategic planning process?
  • What are the key marketing objectives (irrespective of category or industry)?
  • How do you distinguish between marketing objectives and other business objectives?
  • How can you coach your managers better so that they deliver objectives based marketing plans to your business?

About this Presenter:

Richard Kohn has 20 years of global blue-chip brand building experience in CPG, B2B, professional services and consumer durables. He is passionate about unlocking the value of marketing, increasing companies’ speed to market and improving marketing effectiveness. Today companies are looking for growth strategies that will deliver better than industry results; This is what Richard does in collaboration with his clients, through the use of defined and tested processes and applying best practices to brand, growth and communications challenges.

In his role as Client Partner and Managing Director Europe for Brand Development Network he is a master trainer, creating a marketing excellence community of highly trained marketers who through the ‘Live Action Learning’ methodology understand how, not what to think about marketing management.

Richard is a regular contributor to many marketing blogs and seminars. You can find many of his published articles on the blog, The MArchitect.

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