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Here are some of the problems we solve and results we have achieved:

Global Brand Positioning & Strategy

Key Note Speaker

Case study #1: Global brand positioning

Our client, a major global player in the personal care industry was failing to deliver satisfactory return on investment on their consumer tissue portfolio. Their fragmented brand portfolio included numerous brands operating across the globe and a lack of focus in their innovation.

Collaborating closely we developed a global brand and product strategy for the company, establishing global brand platforms and aligning on priorities with the operating units across the globe.

Using one of these platforms delivered a 2.5% increase in market share within 8 months and awards for the creative execution of the supporting campaign.

In addition, we developed and implemented a process to understand the highest potential innovation opportunities which delivered hundreds of new tested concepts for entry into the company’s development pipeline.

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Case study #2: Inspirational presentations

At moments of major change, while it is essential that management is seen to endorse and support the program of change there are times when bringing in an external perspective can add great credibility to the initiative.

Our client had challenged its business leaders to upgrade their commercial practices (in a program which we facilitated) to meet world class benchmarks, where as previously they had been satisfied with matching their industry standards.

This program took managers out of their comfort zone. At the request of management, we supported their leadership change program by delivering an inspiring presentation comparing their practice with that of best in class companies to show them just how exciting their journey could be to achieve their new objectives. In collaboration with senior management, who led the program, this presentation offered a fresh perspective which was highly rated by all attendees as a driver for change within the program.

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