Resume Evaluation and Transformation

I addition to our Career Branding activities, we will also work with you to transform your lack luster resume into a power marketing tool.

An overblown or sloppy resume can destroy your chances of getting an interview and while it is in fact only a small part of the recruitment process it is an essential one. The average hiring manager will only look at any given resume for 25 seconds or less. So it’s important to get it right.

The primary purpose of your resume is to get you noticed, then after you have been noticed, your resume needs to be a powerful piece of marketing collateral. It must convince the manager to give you a call and invite you in for an interview and it must give you the ammunition to talk to your capabilities and achievements once you get into the interview room.

We will work with you to create a compelling resume that will gives you the best possible chance to get the interviews you want.

Perfecting your resume is just one part of a multi-step process you need to master to get the job you want. While we work with you we will also cover the things you need to understand about what companies are looking for and how to provide it in a clear and compelling way.

We will help you understand:
• How to create your own Job Search Strategy?
• Identifying where to Network to find the Hidden Job Market?
• How to make the most out of the first 5 minutes of a job interview?
• Developing a follow up plan after the interview is over?
• How to negotiate once the offer is given?

Knowing the answers to these questions can result in finding a job sooner, earning a hire salary and enjoying fulfilling work.

Please contact us with your request and we will give you a quote of our consulting fee for this service.

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