Weight management

If you are struggling with your health & wellness, especially your weight, then join me on the journey back to health. Here’s my story:

I was around 30kg above a healthy weight and decided to take action and think much more about my health and start to manage my life, take control not let myself, or my life be defined by being over weight. My weight problems started very young – I can remember being on a diet as early as age 7, so perhaps it’s no great surprise that I have grew up with image and confidence challenges that led to being overweight.

What I know is that I want to be healthy, and had to relearn habits that helped me make the right decisions about what, when and how much to eat: but much more importantly, understand the drivers for the behavior that lets us become horribly over weight.

Through my experiences I coach other people who are struggling with why they do not succeed when they set their minds to losing weight. Together we will investigate why we eat emotionally, what are our key triggers and how take control over them so we can live a healthy life.

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