Global branding

Today, everyone either works for a global brand or competes against one.

The Marchitect specializes in building and developing global brands. We work with clients to help them more effectively leverage their scale and understand how they can successfully go about rolling out global brand initiatives.

These are the sort of challenges that we work with our clients to address:

  • How can we differentiate our offering in a way that will be relevant to our target market consumers in a world where the costs of innovation are rising and competition has closed the quality gap?
  • Should our organization aspire to becoming global. Are the results and benefits going to be worth the costs and resources we will have to invest? How can we really be sure that we will achieve an ROI from these activities?
  • What are the steps we need to take to determine the strategy for and agenda for global branding?
  • Creating the optimum structure for our global marketing organization is a major challenge because we need to get things done in a highly complex matrix organization.
  • If we move forward with developing global strategies and structures, who should be responsible for what, and how do we align targets across the organization?
  • What do we need to do to empower and develop our people into a world class marketing organization?
  • How can we create a learning organization?

Our solutions explain how we go about addressing these challenges.


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