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Empowering you to create a brighter, better, happier future. 


Supporting, consulting and coaching.



In most enterprises, no matter how big or small, our management time is spent working in our business, rather than on our business. Often it takes an external perspective and someone with experience outside of your business to help you unlock the true potential. Maximsing potential often needs a new of fresh perspective and someone with the courage to ask the questions and challenge sacred cows. 

Consultancy takes a number of forms, normally involving coming into your business to fill a specific skills gap, helping to fix, change or start something for the better over a defined timeframe or developing a strategy to be implemented by you once the consulting period is over. Mostly this is more cost-effective and creative than traditional big-budget consultants or contractors, and is ideal if you want to springboard change.

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Generally, one-to-one personal coaching is designed to help you as an individual evaluate the challenges you face and your progress – an inward-facing look at how you’re doing.

Daily life should be lived with passion, energy and enthusiasm, and yet, we all too often feel tired, unenthusiastic and under stress. How can we transform from one to the other?  What are the tools, strategies and methodologies we can apply to move from living in hell to a life lived with passion?

Business coaching, is working with you to take stock of how the business is doing: is it heading in the right direction, are the vision, values and culture aligned, understood and communicated, and so on – an outward, big picture approach.

There is obviously some overlap between these two types of coaching. We start by understanding how we can best help.

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Re-incarnation and other modern miracles

You can't call yourself a life coach just because you spent a few hours on a course learning how to be a life coach - the proof is in the pudding and a life well lived with lessons learned. 

There's some people who can apply well what they learned in a book, and then there's those who wrote the book. 

Reincarnation is the story of how I transformed my life from a Living Hell to Living with Passion and Pleasure, the lessons learned and the techniques and strategies I developed and employed to get there..

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Resources and tools

You’ll find here a wealth of resources, books, tools, links and material that should help you find your way forward. 

It's often been said that copying is the best source of flattery. I don;t pretend to have all the answers. The only person I really answered them for was me, but in this wealth of resources, you'll see from where I got a lot of my inspiration, many of the daily rituals that are essential for me and many other people living a happy fulfilled life, and numerous sources of inspiration that I hope will help you along your own path. .

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

If we are not growing, we are dying, that's the nature of things. All great leaders, everyone that has ever made a great success of their lives had great curiosity and was always learning. Be s student of yourself, your business, your life, and you'll be the leader taking your life, your passion or your business to the next level. 



Dedicated to change.

Knowing where we are headed, the destination is nowhere near as important as knowing the way to get there, because once we know what we want, the rest falls into place. 

As long as we are dedicated to the change that transforms us from being mediocre to fulfilling our potential and letting our light shine as brightly as it can and should, as long as we know where we are headed and that that it to a better place, we will be the change that makes the difference. Because, being the change, being the element that shifts is how we achieve greatness.