Key note speaker

Need a Speaker for your next event, someone who will inspire your audience and bring them new perspectives? Acknowledged by his peers as one of the most engaging and compelling presenters of his cohort, Richard Kohn brings humour, personal and business experience and insights to every inspiration event at which he speaks. 



As an event planner filling and appropriately setting the agenda is essential. The key note is often the highlight of the event, so it's essential to get it right. 

Making this hiring choice, planners will either contract directly with a professional speaker or rely on the expertise of a speakers bureau. Identifying speakers early in the planning process is essential, whether the idea is to bring in an internal executive, industry leader, or a professional speaker. 

Before accepting any key note invitation there is a checklist we apply and work through to make sure that the appointment makes sense for both sides. 


The agenda gets full early. It's best to plan up to 6 months in advance. There's always a chance that you might be lucky and get a cancellation date, but don't rely on it. The more advance notice the better. It means much less stress on both sides. 


Every key note is unique to the audience, while themes may be similar the objective is to tailor content so that it resonates with the audience, reflects the purpose of the event and matches the expectations of the organization. 


Inextricably linked to the content and expectations is understanding what role the key note plays in the meeting. Is the purpose of the key note to introduce new ideas, motivate or inspire? Where will the key note fit in the overall program? Understanding the framework of the event allows content to be created to match the role required from the key note. 


These are negotiated in advance of the event. 75% must be paid before the event and all travel fees will be covered by the event organizers. 

These steps, combined with some scheduling flexibility and advance planning will result in a successful program.