market entry

Successful launch of your product in your market of choice.


The Marchitect is a market research and strategy consultancy focused on consumer goods and how to launch them in new markets. 

We work with FMCG manufacturers and, marketing agencies and indeed anyone else who wants to use market or client insight and strategy to expand and improve sales results in markets where they are already present.

Our experience spans market entry strategies on a global basis, however, we think we are most effective when working with customers looking to enter European markets. 

To discuss one of your current projects, pick our brains about a new business development strategy or find out what you need to know before thinking about international growth , email us. 

The truth is that not all products are right for all markets, and launch success in one is no guarantee of potential success in another. 

Getting this wrong can be very expensive, using scarce resources and assets which could have been better employed elsewhere. 

This is where the Marchitect can assist, whether in researching the market potential, creating an effective action plan for launch or implementing that plan locally. 



Right project, wrong market Success in one market is no guarantee of success in another. Secure better outcomes by working with a market entry expert.