The journey I took, what I learned along the way and how it can be applied, which is my personal story, is set out in my best selling book Reincarnation and Other Modern Miracles. The book talks more to my journey than my entrepreneurial, commercial and professional experience. 

Benefits for you
Professionally, I qualified and built a very successful practice as a lawyer in London before moving into senior management positions in commerce.

During the last 25 years I have consulted with or run departments and businesses for major FMCG, Pharma and Consumer Goods companies, as well as successfully running my own trading companies. Within that time I have led sales, marketing, product development and operations. 

My trading business in the Netherlands, Snoep Goed is the acknowledged leading supplier of healthy snacks. 

Having worked in large, small and SME enterprises, held operational, management and consulting positions means I really understand the challenges faced as a high performing professional. 

Personally, take a look at my qualifications. The scars I bear have moulded my journey. 


Training and qualifications

 I hold a degree in Law and have a post graduate MBA specialized in marketing. In addition I am a qualified Theta Therapy trainer and reflexologist. 

My real training, however has taken place in the real world, having led commercial, marketing and strategy departments in major multinationals and in the one on one work that I have done over the years. 


I think that life experienced is a way of understanding the qualifications of someone who might be of value to you. So these are the key life events that inform my qualifications to offer myself as a trainer, healer or consultant:

  • Father to three children
  • Married once, divorced once, one hip replaced 
  • Suffered and recovered from a nervous breakdown
  • Overcame an eating disorder and morbid obesity
  • Lost my job summarily and had to find a new way
  • Changed from one successful career to another
  • Built successful businesses from start up
  • Wrote a best selling personal development book 

The scars we bear and the lessons learned from the experiences are, I believe, the best way to judge someone's ability to add value. 

Experience and competencies

I've been a partner in a law firm, a senior manager in a global communications company, directed in a $2.5bn global FMCG category, created and managed market leading brands, run a marketing training company and founded a start up that is the market leader in it's field. I've been a successful consultant and interim manager. I have also spent periods of time unemployed wondering what is my next step. 

With more than 30 years of commercial experience, it's not surprising that I have developed a long list of competencies. Here's just a few that I used to deliver exception results.

  • Developing and implementing market leading, differentiated marketing propositions
  • Design, Creation and launch of new products
  • Management and turnaround of enterprises

Hobbies and passions

Want to know more about what I get up to in my free time, and whether we might click? Where will you find me in my spare (!) time?


Music was my first love, and it will be my last. There is a soundtrack in the background to my life. I've been playing the drums for more than 40 years and I sing, professionally and for pleasure. Currently you can hear me singing with the Prestige Popkoor in Hilversum. I've even been known to write the odd song.  


I'm a petrolhead. I love and have an interest in just about all forms of transport and big machines. You could well find me at a classic motorcycle rally with one of my bikes, at a classic car show or a steam rally admiring the glorious old engines. I've never minded getting my hands dirty and have restored more than a few vehicles. I love the challenge of returning a vehicle to its former glory. 


I have always been involved in sport. Less team based because I am built more for comfort than for speed and that's not perfect for team sports. I excelled in weight lifting and training and qualified as a Krav Maga instructor and taught self defence for years. 

I found Chi Gong later in life and now it is part of my daily routine. I love that it is totally non-competitive, free flowing, creative and not ego driven: no-one who is a true chi gong master would tell you their form of chi gong is better than any other, they all just are. 

Oh, and I dance, latin. Just for fun, just because the music has great energy and it's a great skill to have in just about any social situation. 

Up close and personal

Who is Richard Kohn? You can make a judgment about the professional experience and training, but what is is that motivates the man? 


I am a father of three incredible daughters. Each of them, amazing and incredible in their own right have taught me so much.


I inherited an incredible curiosity from my grandfather and his daughter my mother. This is why I have always been an avaricious reader, researcher and investigator. I want to know why things happen, what's the motivation, how can be change things. I've read literally thousands of books on entrepreneurship, business management and personal development. My ideas have been formed by assimilating all this information and developing ideas that synthesize what I think is the best of all of this. 

From my dad, I inherited a big and generous heart, a passion for healing and helping and a service mentality. I am driven to help other people in need and help them find their way and the solutions that work for them. I truly believe that each person knows their own way and what is best for the. I offer the mirror through which they can see how their life can be better, by design.


I've got to that point in my life where I know what I am great at, where I inspire and where I make the greatest impact. Increasingly I spend less and less time doing the things that make the least difference, because there's no point in being mediocre.